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RV and the Instant Pot – Now You’re Cooking BLOG POST

Traveling in your RV has lots of challenges but one extremely useful take along is the Instant Pot. From morning until evening, this wonder can be serving up great meals for hungry travelers.
One problem, the Instant Pot is not so easy to carry around and store. The KOYSAS Instant Pot Travel Tote solves that problem. Plus it comes with a tempered glass lid that makes it easy to serve your self right from the pot. The silicone lid is perfect add on to keep the pot contents from leaking out while moving.
Electric Z uses the KOYSAS Instant Pot Travel Bag and recently wrote:
“We own an RV and got this tote bag for when we travel. We use the same InstaPot in our home and move it to the RV. The bag come with a steamer lid for rice etc. and a snap on lid that fit our InstaPot perfectly. Getting these was a great surprise when we opened up the box. The carrying bag is well padded and the InstaPot goes in easily yet snug. On the lid is an area for the above lids. All storage areas have durable zippers with easy to carry handles. It has a shoulder harness, but we took it as it is something we wouldn't use. It's easy to give a positive review for this great carrying bag as it will protect our InstaPot in our travel.”
It is available on Amazon right here: Amazon
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